Shoulder Injury Claims in Missouri

When the majority of manual labor activity involves strain on your arms, back, and shoulders, injuries are bound to happen. The Dixon Injury Firm and its shoulder injury attorneys in St. Louis have valuable experience in helping local workers and others who have wrongfully suffered shoulder injuries financially recover from these injuries and accidents. This page will outline the ins and outs of shoulder injuries to give you a better idea of the process and what to do in the event that you’re unable to work.

Most workers throughout Missouri benefit from shoulder injury workers’ compensation. This generally includes both medical and disability benefits among other sorts of compensation based on any company’s policies. However, shoulder injuries can occur off the job as well. If your shoulder injury occurred due to an accident that was not your fault, we may be able to help you secure compensation.

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What Is Shoulder Injury Workers’ Compensation in St. Louis?

Preventing a shoulder injury can be as simple as spreading awareness about prevention. According to Ergo-Plus, this can be as easy as educating team members about possible causes of shoulder injuries and reporting early signs of them.

In terms of workers’ compensation, however, shoulder injuries in St. Louis are no different than other work-related claims. If you are unable to work, shoulder injury lawyers like those at The Dixon Injury Firm help to win you compensation for medical expenses in addition to lost wages from time off and recovery.

What are Common Shoulder Injuries?

There are a handful of causes behind shoulder injuries. Often, these occur in manual laborers who regularly lift heavy objects (which can lead to repetitive trauma, too).

Here are a few of the more common shoulder-related injuries:

  • Frozen shoulder syndrome
  • Bicipital tenosynovitis
  • Rotator cuff tendonitis
  • General pain and discomfort

Shoulder Injury Legal Tips

Remember that the shoulder injury lawyers at The Dixon Injury Firm have a firm understanding of workers’ compensation law and are ready to help you or a coworker’s next case. Regarding shoulder injuries in St. Louis, there are several factors to consider.

Here are a handful of things that can affect your workers’ compensation claim to keep in mind:

  • A settlement depends on the severity of the accident. A death or life-debilitating injury (leading to being unable to continue working again) compared to one that results in only a few months off are different. Is the joint or shoulder injury temporary or total?
  • Like other cases, shoulder injury lawyers stress proactiveness. Cases have varying statutes of limitations. It is important to start a case as soon as you or a loved one is able in order to maximize compensation and benefits to assist with medical bills, lost time, and other costs.
  • Workers’ compensation evolved in place of workplace lawsuits. If a worker agrees to accept workers’ compensation benefits, they typically forego the right to sue companies for negligence. In exchange, workers receive compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and other costs. Workers who were harmed by shoulder injuries are also able to make claims for workplace-related injuries to maximize compensation claims.

More About Shoulder Injury Lawyers in St. Louis

The first step to take is to find a professional joint or shoulder injury lawyer to assist you in starting a claim. Based in St. Louis, our workers’ compensation lawyers are prepared to take your claim in full stride. Remember how important it is for you to move quickly by getting medical attention, reporting the accident, collecting information, and contacting legal representatives.

If you feel like you or a loved one deserves workers’ compensation benefits, The Dixon Injury Firm offers free consultations. Dixon’s trial lawyers are proud of their compensation results and client testimonials. We also offer personal injury, truck and car accidents, and other injury claims related to shoulder and other injuries.