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Commercial Accident Lawyers in St. Louis

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Many injury victims are harmed by other individuals, but that is not always the case. Sometimes companies wrongfully cause injuries and these commercial accidents can have unique aspects to them. The Dixon Injury Firm can evaluate your specific situation in a free consultation, but here are some issues to think about. We offer a variety of legal services. This includes personal injury, workers’ compensation, product liability, and other claims. Our St. Louis commercial accident attorneys bring professional legal counsel to clients and their families.

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What You Need to Know

When you begin a commercial accident case in St. Louis, it’s important to secure legal counsel with experience. Dixon’s workers’ comp and liability attorney make sure clients have the resources they need to win a claim.

Here are a few questions to ask our lawyers:

  • How much does legal counsel cost me? This varies on the commercial accident case and other factors. We use a contingency system, meaning you only pay if we win.

  • How much would I win? This also depends on the case. The Dixon Injury Firm tries to win clients medical expenses, personal hardship, and other compensation.

  • What do I do now? The first step is to contact The Dixon Injury Firm for more information and to request your free case review.

Workers’ Compensation Cases

Many injuries occur in the workplace, and these incidents are largely governed by worker’s compensation insurance laws, as laid out in Missouri Statutes Section 287.120. The trade-off in the law is that workers are paid a formula-set amount of compensation quickly after a workplace injury. The award is meant to pay for medical expenses and lost wages. If workers are disabled, then they are compensated for their loss through a formula based on their wages and how debilitating their injury was. In exchange for this no-fault compensation, the law takes away worker’s rights to sue their employers for other damages.

Professional Driver Accidents

Truck drivers are subject to numerous safety regulations. They must comply with their company’s drug-testing program and track all of their time spent on duty and also their rest to ensure that they are meeting federal and company rest requirements. They must have good records that the company can use to show its own legal compliance. Drivers cannot be impaired or fatigued when they drive, and they must ensure their vehicle is in good working order. This puts more responsibility on a professional driver, meaning, for example, they could be held liable for drowsy driving more easily than an amateur.

Accidents in a Commercial Establishment

Companies that open their doors to the public can be held liable for accidents suffered by their customers. These are commonly called “slip and fall accidents.” Companies should have programs in place to prevent injuries, such as a routine cleaning process aimed at keeping water, dirt, and grease off the floors. Hazards like loose mats, torn carpeting, bad lighting, exposed wires, and uneven floors should be immediately fixed as well. Companies should also make sure their customers have an easy way to call for a cleanup if they see a mess.

Defective Products

Missouri Statutes Section 537.760 holds a commercial company that sells a product in the state to be liable for a “product liability claim” when (1) the defendant sold a product as part of a business, (2) the product was used as reasonably anticipated, and (3) the product was either defective or it was unreasonably dangerous to sell without an adequate warning. The company will be “strictly liable” for any damages that are caused.

Commercial Accidents Probably Mean Big Insurance

If you have been injured in a commercial accident, odds are that your opportunities for compensation are going to come from a large insurance company. Unfortunately, modern insurance companies tend to spend all their energy finding ways to deny claims instead of just finding out what happened and trying to do the right thing. These companies are highly profit-driven and they make money by collecting premiums from as many people as possible while limiting their payouts.

Committed to Providing the Representation You Need

Christopher R. Dixon and our team at The Dixon Injury Firm focuses on commercial accident cases and additional personal and workplace injuries. Recognized by the National Trial Lawyers Association as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer, Chris understands how difficult these cases are for clients. To help alleviate financial stress, we strive to make it easier by offering a contingency payment system. This enables you to pay only if damages are awarded. Our legal counsel is free until then.

If you have been injured in a commercial accident and think you may need our help, contact our firm for a FREE consultation as soon as possible after the accident.

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