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Consumer Protection is about protecting St. Louis and Missouri residents from the negligence of Businesses and Corporations. When a product or service that you use fails, and you are injured as a result of that failure, you need to be able to hold the business or corporation that is responsible for that product or service liable. The Consumer Protection Lawyers of Dixon Law are prepared to fight on your behalf to ensure that the damages and injuries that you are now enduring because of the faulty product are fully compensated for, and that the business or corporation that pushed the faulty product is held liable to the fullest extent of the law.

Consumer Protection cases are not rare. In 2015, 105,000 consumers filed consumer protection complaints with Missouri’s Attorney General Consumer Protection section. Complaints ranged from fuel quality complaints, healthcare facility complaints, even as far as Door-to-Door sales complaints. Products and Services do fail, and when they do, consumers need a way to hold these products, services and businesses accountable. The Consumer Protection Lawyers of Dixon law have years of experience battling businesses and corporations that mislabel or push out faulty products and services. These businesses should be held liable because they knowingly placed potential profits over the safety and security of their customers. This is a negligent and unethical act. If you or someone you care for has been harmed because of a faulty or failed product or service, it is important that you protect your rights as a Missouri citizens and consumer. You need to retain a lawyer with experience litigating Consumer Protection cases, and the Consumer Protection Lawyers of Dixon know the Missouri Laws and statutes surrounding consumer protection cases and can guide you and your family through these difficult cases.

What Are The Most Common Types of Consumer Protection Fraud?

Consumer Protection laws are designed to protect consumers from the unfair or fraudulent practices that business might use to gain a competitive advantage in their markets. Consumer Protection laws are a form of government regulation that aims to protect citizens and consumers who might otherwise become victims of fraudulent or underhanded tactics. But what can be classified as a consumer protection case? Here are several areas that our Consumer Protection Lawyers regularly litigate:

  • Utilities – If a utility company charges you for service that was never rendered, or overcharges you for a period of service and refuses to negotiate the price down or to a more appropriate level, this can be a consumer protection claim. You can also file a consumer protection claim for faulty or terrible service that leads to further damages.
  • Fuel Quality – Bad fuel can ruin a vehicle. Whether it be a diesel engine truck, a boat on the water, or an all-terrain vehicle, fuel quality is important to the life of the vehicle, and when fuel quality is bad, the use of that bad fuel can adversely affect the engine and other parts of the vehicle.
  • Dealerships – Dealerships now how to make dishonest contracts and hide defects or costly repairs in vehicles. If you’ve been sold a lemon, you need to speak with our Consumer Protection Attorneys Immediately.
  • Vehicle Service Warranties – Warranties are usually added on to the contract regarding the sale of a vehicle, and they are almost always added as an additional cost. If the company that sold you a vehicle is refusing to honor a warranty that you paid for, you can pursue this as a consumer protection complaint.
  • Healthcare Compaints – Healthcare can be a life and death situation. When you or someone you love isn’t receiving the care you need and deserve, and you are losing money or health because of the subpar care, you need to pursue a consumer protection claim against the business that is providing the product or service.
  • Childcare – Your children are your life, and when they are harmed or abused or become injured while under the care of a daycare, childcare center, or another child-centered service,
    you can and absolutely should pursue a consumer protection complaint against the company or individual that you trusted.
  • Claims Against a Licensed Professional – The amount of trust that we place into the hands of a licensed professional is huge. Whether it be a doctor, nurse, barber, chiropractor, or another type of licensed professional, when they commit an egregious act against you and abuse that trust, you need to pursue a consumer protection complaint against them. These professionals need to be held accountable
  • Resturants and Food – We trust that the food and drinks that we consume are not dangerous and will not make us sick. When that, unfortunately, does happen, we need to be able to hold these businesses accountable for their negligent and dangerous actions.
  • Landlord – As renters, we can be at the beck and whim of landlords, but Missouri laws give renters several legal protections that they can use to protect themselves from predatory or hostile landlords. If you’ve been wronged by your landlord and they refuse to seek a type of mediation with you, our consumer protection lawyers in Missouri can and will help you.
  • Door to Door Sales – Door-to-Door Salesmen are already under a lot of pressure to get you to buy their product, so when it comes to selling you either a dishonest product or service,
    they may not think twice about it. If you were sold a product or service that was knowingly defective, you should pursue a consumer protection claim.
  • Insurance Companies and Agents – Insurance Companies and their agents are out to make a profit off of you. You pay into insurance, and many do so monthly or every six months,
    and you do so because if an accident happens in the future, you want to be covered by insurance. When an insurance company or agent fails to reward you what you are owed for your insurance, you should pursue a consumer protection claim.
  • Banks, Lenders and Credit Unions – Banks and lenders want to make money, and if they have to lie or use underhanded tactics to take your money from you, they just might. If you’ve been lied to or misled by a bank, it is important to pursue a consumer protection claim against these institutions.
  • Investor Fraud – When you place your hard earned money in the hands of another individual, with the understanding that that person will invest your money as wisely and safely as they can, you believe that they will do so. When they don’t, and you lose thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result, our Consumer Protection Lawyers are prepared to fight no your behalf to see that your investments are recovered and that the Negligent Investor is held responsible.
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Consumer Protection Lawyer Missouri

Consumer Protection laws are made to protect consumers, but when a company or business pushed faulty products or dishonest services on you, you made need more than just the assurances of a government law to protect you. The Consumer Protection Lawyers of Dixon Law are prepared to fight on your behalf to ensure that you and your family are adequately provided for during your consumer protection claim, and that those responsible for the damages are held responsible to the fullest extent of the law. For more information on consumer protection laws, or to find consumer protection forms to file a complaint, the Official Missouri State Website has excellent resources that you can use. When you are ready to pursue a case to the furthest extent of the consumer protection laws, our consumer protection attorneys are willing and ready to help you fight.

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