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Large trucks and tankers have a surprisingly-high risk of rollover accidents. According to federal data collected by the insurance company AIG, over 1,300 tankers overturn each year along with 500 large trucks. 60% of these accidents cause fatalities. This is a major concern that all drivers should be aware of. If you or a loved one were injured in an accident like this, or if your loved one lost their lives, The Dixon Injury Firm is here to help. Our rollover truck accident attorneys have the experience and dedication necessary to handle even the most complex cases.

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What Causes Truck Rollovers?

Large trucks and tankers have a high center of gravity, making them susceptible to rollover accidents. Tankers are a particular risk because their loads shift to the side of the tank in a turn and those forces can help push the truck over. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has studied tanker crashes extensively and in particular this “slosh” risk created by a liquid cargo. Slosh is the movement of liquid within a confined space. The FMCSA confirmed in its study that sloshing makes rollover accidents more likely. A curve in a road can be a huge risk for an unwary truck driver that is traveling too fast.

Another issue is that, perhaps unsurprisingly, speed limits are not necessarily designed for trucks in bad weather conditions, so truck drivers should be driving well below the speed limit in stormy weather. They do not always do that, though. Sudden movements increase the risks of rollovers as well. Drivers are less able to prevent rollovers when they are distracted or drowsy. Eating, texting, or using the phone while driving all increase rollover risks. Failing to get enough rest can cause fatigue that makes rollovers more likely as well.

The driver is not the only factor that can increase the risk of a rollover accident. Truck brake systems need to be properly maintained and inspected. Suspension systems need to be in good shape to keep loads stable. Tires have to have sufficient tread and proper pressure for safe operations. Drivers have to always consider road conditions as well. Environmental factors and poor road conditions caused by issues like rain, snow, or fog will require drivers to be extra careful.

Call A Rollover Accident Lawyer Right Away

If you are injured by a truck rollover accident, you will likely be dealing with an insurance company for a commercial trucking business. That insurance company will be skilled at fighting off claims and attempting to settle as cheaply as possible. For this reason, you need to be on guard against efforts by the other side’s lawyers. Do not make any unnecessary statements to the other side. For example, a simple “I’m sorry” can often be used against you later in court to show you were admitting it was your fault. You should also not accept a quick settlement without discussing it with a lawyer first. Insurance companies will often approach you with what seems like a generous offer at the time, but if you wind up dealing with years of medical bills you could come to regret accepting the first offer. Make sure you get medical help right away as well. This is important for both your own safety and for documenting your injuries.

Here at The Dixon Injury Firm, we understand how difficult this situation can be. As experienced and knowledgeable STL personal injury lawyers, we are committed to providing you with the support and counsel you need.

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