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Medical Payments Coverage in Missouri

What is Medical Payments Coverage?

Medical payments coverage, often referred to as “Med Pay,” is an optional insurance that pays for certain expenses, such as medical bills and funeral costs, if those covered under the policy are involved in a motor vehicle accident. Med Pay is offered through most automobile insurance companies in increments of $1,000, $5,000, or $10,000 (these coverage limits are per person, per accident) and applies regardless of who is at fault in an accident.

What does Medical Payments Coverage Pay For?

Med pay covers nearly all medical and dental expenses, professional nursing services, prostheses, and funeral costs, up to the limit stated in the policy. Those who are included in the policy are eligible for coverage when driving or riding in an insured vehicle, when driving or riding in another person’s vehicle or if struck by a automobile while walking. For those who have outside health insurance, med pay can be used to pay any deductibles or co-pays that are required.

What are the Advantages to Purchasing Medical Payments Coverage?

Medical payments coverage is relatively inexpensive – it may be possible to obtain a several thousand dollar policy for just a few dollars a month. Still, many people may question it’s necessity since most automobile insurance policies include medical treatment coverage.

It’s true that if you’re involved in a motor vehicle accident that’s ruled to be the other party’s fault, their insurance should cover your medical bills – but unfortunately it’s not always that simple. First, assuming that the other motorist has insurance coverage, insurance companies aren’t quick to pay medical bills. Often, you won’t obtain payment for any ongoing medical treatment until your case is ready to settle. In the meantime, medical bills will still have to be paid. Often, providers send these medical bills to collection agencies who harass and annoy.

If you have health insurance, this could take care of some of these bills, but medical payments coverage is more comprehensive and will cover things that most health insurance policies don’t (such as dental care.) In some cases, your medical payments coverage can even reimburse you for medical bills despite their being paid by your private health insurance. Last, deductibles and co-pays can quickly add up, and Med Pay can cover these expenses so that they won’t need to be paid out of pocket.

In addition, many health insurance policies are set up so that the carrier can be reimbursed out of any settlement money that you receive from the accident. In Missouri, Med Pay is never entitled to reimbursement out of a settlement, so utilizing Med Pay coverage for as many medical expenses as possible can preserve your settlement money.

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