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In recent decades, off-road motorcycling, called motocross, has grown in popularity around the world. These “dirt bikes” have a small and light frame with large shock absorbers made to handle rough roads and jumps. In the United States, these dirt bikes have grown in popularity since ESPN incorporated motocross events into its X Games extreme sports competitions back in 1999. In the very popular X Games, competitors engage in dirt bike racing, plus jumping and mid-air trick competitions.

Unfortunately, with the rise in popularity comes a rise in accidents, many of which result in severe injuries. If you or someone you love has been injured due to another’s negligence or recklessness, The Dixon Injury Firm may be able to help.

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Extreme Sports & Extreme Injuries

The Center for Disease Control did an extensive study of dirt bike injuries from 2001 to 2004. According to their dirt bike accident statistics, 88% of dirt bike casualties were male, with boys between 12 to 15 years of age recording the highest number of injuries.

About 60% of those hurt suffered from arm or leg injuries, with fractures making up 35% of these traumas. The most severe injuries impacted the head and neck, with internal head traumas making up 50% of these traumas.

When dirt bike accidents occur on the road, they are rarely distinguished from any other motorcycle accident. Accidents that occur while participating in motocross have been studied better, though. A study in the Orthopedic Journal of Sports Medicine looked at 78,236 emergency-room visits from motocross accidents between 2000 and 2011.

The study found that concussions occurred in 29% of the accidents, while head fractures occurred 1.2% of the time. 1.9% of the accidents resulted in fractured necks.

Among the extreme sports, motocross was among the most dangerous for upper body injuries. It was the worst for neck injuries and fell behind only snowboarding for head injuries.

Less serious injuries are very common in motocross, with professionals regularly breaking their legs, ankles, arms, and more. Safety equipment can help reduce the incidence of some of these dirt bike accidents, but motocross remains a dangerous activity that requires care for anyone involved.

Experts Say No Kids on Dirt Bikes

The New York Times reported over 15 years ago on the growing number of young children riding dirt bikes and getting into dirt bike accidents. Children as young as three years old get on small dirt bikes designed to go no faster than 15 or 20 miles per hour.

Youth motocross risks came into sharp focus when a teenager was killed at the popular Milford Riders Club in Connecticut in 1999.

Supporters of youth riding, like the American Motorcyclist Association, say it is no more dangerous than other sports like skiing and football. Children also participate in these other sports and regularly get seriously hurt.

Dirt bike accidents are relatively rare and the sport’s supporters say they should not be singled out for scrutiny. Medical researchers feel otherwise, but the sport has continued to grow.

A 2013 study published in Musculoskeletal Surgery looked at the cases of 24 children (average age 13, all under age 18) that were injured in dirt bike accidents. The study found that 14 of the patients had brain injuries, 13 had broken bones, 8 needed surgery, and 1 died shortly after arriving at the hospital.

After looking at the evidence, a group of orthopedists concluded that “riding dirt bikes is not a safe recreational activity.” Another study by the American Academy of Pediatrics found that youth motocross was not made much safer with safety equipment like helmets.

Can I Sue for Injuries in a Dirt Bike Accident in Missouri?

If you’ve been a victim of a negligent rider in a motorcycle crash or ATV accident, you can sue for damages under Tort Law. With the right legal representation, you can get compensation for a personal injury claim.

Holding the at-fault party fully accountable is especially important if you require financial compensation for high medical expenses after a serious injury, such as a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injuries.

Liability in Dirt Bike Accidents

Liability in dirt bike accidents is possible whether or not the accident involved other vehicles. Personal injury liability can be pursued if the rider of the dirt bike is considered at fault for injuring a passenger or pedestrian.

Product liability can be pursued if the dirt bike crashed because of a manufacturer’s defect. Additionally, landowners may be held responsible if they permitted off-road riding on a hazardous track.

Can I File a Lawsuit If Another Rider Caused My Injuries?

If another rider caused your injuries, you can file a lawsuit on the grounds of negligence. Besides providing legal advice, a personal injury lawyer could also investigate the cause of the accident. This might help strengthen your case.

If, for example, your attorney discovered that the other rider was intoxicated on drugs or alcohol, this will serve as strong evidence in a personal injury lawsuit.

Compensation for Damages in a Dirt Bike Accident

Dirt bike riders can make a motorcycle accident claim if the accident was not their fault. In this case, they may be entitled to compensation for a number of damages, such as compensation for medical expenses, loss of income, and pain and suffering.

Wrongful Death Damages for a Motor Sports Accident

If a motor sports accident resulted in wrongful death because someone else was responsible for the accident, such as a manufacturers’ product defect, a dangerous track, or some other reason for liability, the victim’s family could be owed damages. Compensation could include the pain and suffering of the deceased, medical treatment before death, funeral expenses, and loss of past and future earnings.

Additionally, damages might include compensation for loss of consortium, solace, and guidance; compensation for loss of services to the household or family; and compensation for the family member’s mental anguish and emotional pain and suffering.

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A St. Louis dirt bike accident lawyer at The Dixon Injury Firm can provide you with the help you need. The bottom line is this: dirt bike accidents are a risk for anyone that takes up the sport. Sometimes, a person injured on a dirt bike has nobody to blame but themselves. That said, many dirt bike accidents can be blamed on someone other than the rider. For example, they may have been injured by faulty safety gear, a poorly-maintained track, or by an instructor that did not fully disclose the risk. Don’t hesitate to talk to an experienced STL personal injury lawyer today about your injuries.

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