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Workplace injuries are a serious concern for both employees and employers. This goes for slips and falls, vehicle accidents, and other on-the-job accidents. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), a lot of companies now offer on-site exercise facilities and gyms for their employees. But what if you, the employee, sustain an injury while using your work’s gym? Is your employer liable for your exercise equipment injuries? Are you entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for such injuries?

Most workers in Missouri are entitled to workers’ compensation for any injury that occurs at the workplace, including exercise equipment injuries that occur in on-site gyms and exercise facilities. However, you will almost assuredly be barred from suing your employer directly under the state’s workers’ compensation laws, even if your employer was clearly negligent in maintaining the exercise facility or gym. However, depending on the unique factors present in your case, you may be able to sue a third party, such as a coworker, for negligence.

The Dixon Injury Firm can review your case and inform you of your legal rights and options. Our St. Louis exercise equipment injury lawyers are highly experienced in all types of workers’ compensation claims, including complex and nuanced cases involving on-site gyms and exercise facility injuries.

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Common Workplace Exercise Equipment Accidents & Injuries

At The Dixon Injury Firm, we have handled a number of cases in this particular niche. We understand the unique factors involved in on-the-job exercise equipment accident and injury claims and can help you navigate the process of seeking benefits for your medical costs and lost wages.

Some common workplace exercise equipment accidents include:

  • An employee who is injured during a physical activity sponsored by an employer, such as a company retreat
  • Military and other service men and women who are injured during training sessions (firefighters, police, etc.)
  • Voluntary activities that are sanctioned by employers, such as participation in physical fundraising events, that result in accidents
  • Employees who are injured using exercise equipment in on-site gyms or exercise facilities at their places of employment
  • Sports equipment accidents when employees participate in company sponsored or sanctioned athletic activities

These and other related accidents can lead to a number of serious injuries, including but not limited to:

What Makes These Cases So Complex?

Workers’ compensation is a system that compensates injured employees for medical expenses, lost wages, and vocational rehabilitation. In exchange, employees cannot sue their employers for negligence. Workplace exercise-related injuries are a challenge because there are often specific rules in place that protect employers from having to reimburse injured employees who were taking part in workplace exercise programs and activities. In many cases, employees are required to sign waivers prior to participating in such events, which often include clauses stating that the employee is solely responsible for any injuries they incur.

There are many ins and outs to these types of cases, however. If you were injured after using exercise equipment or during a physical activity sponsored by your work or at your workplace, you could be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits or third-party compensation—or both. It’s important that you find seasoned legal counsel to help you with your claim.

What to Do If You Are Injured Using Exercise Equipment at Work

After first making sure that you are treated for your injuries, the next move to take is to find an experienced exercise equipment injury lawyer to assist you in opening a claim.

At The Dixon Injury Firm, our St. Louis workplace exercise injury lawyers are ready to guide you through the process and assist you in recovering any benefits you are rightly owed. Over the years, our firm has successfully recovered more than $50 million for our clients—we have what it takes to fight for you and your recovery.

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