Find Answers to Your Personal Injury Questions

Although no two cases are exactly the same, many people who have been involved in an accident have similar questions. You might be wondering whether you have grounds to file a claim, how you can bring a case to trial, and how you might win your personal injury lawsuit. You could be wondering how much your case is worth or what to do after a hit and run accident or how to hold a negligent medical professional accountable for the pain and suffering you have endured.

Going through the personal injury claims process can be stressful and financially taxing, but here at The Dixon Injury Firm, we strive to ease some of the stress you are facing. To that end, we have developed a list of frequently asked questions and provided helpful answers to questions that you might have about your case. Please be advised that the information contained within these pages is not formal legal advice. This is a guide, containing general practices about settling accident claims and lawsuits. If you have specific questions, or would like a free case review and consultation, contact our St. Louis personal injury lawyers for a free, confidential consultation.

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I was injured—what do I do now?

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident, and you think you might have an injury claim or lawsuit on your hands, it’s essential to discuss your case with our St. Louis personal injury lawyers right away. Our experienced attorneys can walk you through the legal process, share past experiences in fighting (and winning) damages for claims similar to yours, and offer support during this difficult time by offering insight tailored to your specific situation.

Should I hire a personal injury lawyer to represent my case?

Yes. Not only can our lawyers file a compelling claim for your case, but they can also offer you protection during this vulnerable time. After an accident, insurance agents typically try to take advantage of victims’ vulnerability and offer reduced settlements or shift blame in the accident. However, at The Dixon Injury Firm, we can protect you and your family and fight to make sure you get the compensation you deserve for your case.

What types of accidents are considered grounds for a personal injury claim?

Personal injury accidents are accidents in which injury or death has occurred as a result of another person’s carelessness or intentional wrongdoing. At The Dixon Injury Firm, we focus our practice on all types of personal injury cases, including those involving car accidentstruck accidentsworkers’ compensationmedical malpracticewrongful deathdog bitesslips and fallspremises liabilityproduct liability, and more.

What is the statute of limitations for Missouri personal injury claims?

The Missouri statute of limitations varies depending on the circumstances of each specific case. Generally, however, most personal injury claims (including motorcycle accidents, car accidents, and truck accidents) must be filed within five years of the incident in question or the victim relinquishes all rights to compensation. But again, no two cases are alike, and this can vary from case to case.

What damages can I recover with a personal injury claim?

In Missouri, if someone is at-fault in an accident and causes injury or death to another person, the responsible party is required to compensate victims or surviving family members of the victim for accident-related harm and losses. Typically, Missouri injury settlements include compensation for medical expenses, mental and emotional distress, lost wages, property damage, loss of consortium, and other damages. However, each case is different and presents its own unique set of circumstances. Our St. Louis personal injury attorneys are committed to understanding the specifics of your case and determining which financial damages may apply. In all cases, we work to maximize the size of your settlement.

If I am partially at fault in an accident, can I still file a personal injury claim?

If you are partially at fault in an accident, under Missouri injury laws you could still be eligible to recover partial compensation. In many instances, your total recovery will be reduced by your at-fault percentage. So, for example, if a jury decides that you were 20% to blame for a car accident, you can only recover up to 80% of the total recovery you would have otherwise been able to obtain had you not been at fault at all for the accident.

In which areas of Missouri does The Dixon Injury Firm handle personal injury cases?

Our firm handles cases in Missouri and Illinois, including but not limited to the following cities: St. Louis, St. Louis County, Jefferson County, Lincoln County, St. Charles County, and Franklin County; in municipalities including Clayton, Maplewood, Richmond Heights, University City, Shrewsbury, Arnold, Des Peres, Chesterfield, Kirkwood, O’Fallon, St. Charles, St. Peters, Overland, Creve Coeur, Jennings, Manchester, Ballwin, Maryland Heights, Brentwood, Bridgeton, Glendale, Wildwood, Warson Woods, Town & Country, and Warrenton.

On average, how long does it take to recover a personal injury settlement in Missouri?

Typically, Missouri personal injury claims go to trial after one to two years of unsatisfactory settlement offers, however, this varies significantly for each case. Some minor injury claims settle within two to three months, while catastrophic injury claims can take much longer to reach a settlement.

Why should I choose The Dixon Injury Firm to represent my Missouri personal injury claim?

Our founding attorney, Christopher Dixon, has fought for (and won) damages for countless injury claims in Missouri and Illinois. Missouri law requires adequate knowledge of the intricacies of tort law. Focusing the entirety of The Dixon Injury Firm’s efforts on Missouri personal injury claims, Chris offers victims and their families support and protection during the claims process. For his efforts, Chris has received recognition as a “Top 100 Trial Lawyer” and was named among the “Top 40 Under 40” by the National Trial Lawyers Association. He also earned a Lifetime Membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, making The Dixon Injury Firm a leading choice of Missouri residents when it comes to representation for complex injury claims.

What information should I collect after an accident?

Missouri personal injury claims should be filed as soon as possible after an accident. During your first meeting with our lawyers, please bring copies of medical records, medical bills, police reports, and other documents related to your personal injury case. Our attorneys can advise you as to other information and documents to collect as your case progresses (if necessary).

If an appeal is made for my Missouri personal injury claim, does that fall under contingency?

Yes, although the contingency fee is often higher for appeals than it is for initial filings.