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Most people are at least vaguely aware of the saga of the Samsung Note 7. It was a really beautiful, state-of-the-art Android phone produced and marketed by Samsung Electronics in 2016 and was generally well-received. Then it started catching on fire. Samsung recalled the phones and replaced them with new ones, but then the new ones caught on fire, too. If you or a loved one were injured as a result of this defective product, our team at The Dixon Injury Firm is here to help. Our St. Louis Samsung battery explosion claims attorneys bring proven legal counsel to clients and their families.

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The Basics of Product Liability

Companies that make and sell products can be liable for three different types of problems, and anyone that is considering a Samsung battery explosion claim needs to understand the differences. The first type of product liability is manufacturing defects. This is a situation where the product was designed safely, but something happened in the manufacturing process to damage it or make it dangerous. For example, Fiat Chrysler was recently sued for failing to clean up its engine blocks enough in the manufacturing process leaving sludge to build up in the engine and cause damage.

The second category of product liability is defective design. This means a product has a fatal flaw in its design, and even if manufactured properly it would not work right. For example, Piper Aircraft has faced lawsuits related to the “stabilator” on many of its small airplanes. This movable rear wing is, some say, too weakly reinforced and may have caused many airplanes to break in flight.

The final type of product liability is a failure to warn. These cases involve products that were designed and manufactured correctly, but still have risks that should be disclosed. Professional football players, for example, have sued a company called Riddell that makes helmets for failing to warn them of the risks to their brain that would not be prevented by wearing the helmets.

Anatomy of the Note 7 Fires

As CNET explains, the original Note 7 suffered from a design defect. It had a lithium-ion battery, the same as most modern electronics. This battery is made up of a pouch that contains a flammable lithium-based electrolyte plus a positive electrode and a negative electrode. It is very important that the two electrodes never touch, because if they cause a short circuit that can cause the battery to get very hot and even explode. The pouch of the original Note 7 contained a small separator between the two electrodes that grew weak over time during the battery’s normal expansion and contraction. Eventually, the electrodes in many phones would eventually touch and cause heat or even a fire.

After the fires started, Samsung quickly produced replacement phones with new batteries. Unfortunately for Samsung, its replacement Note 7s suffered from manufacturing defects. The new batteries were welded together poorly and left a small piece of the positive electrode sticking out. This would poke through the insulating material in many phones and reach the negative electrode and cause the same short-circuiting event as the original battery. Worse, an investigation found that many of the second batteries actually completely lacked the insulating layer between the positive and negative elements. Because Samsung was unable to quickly produce safe replacement phones, it completely discontinued the Note 7 line, which had been its best-selling phone up until that point.

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