Holding Car and Brake Manufacturers Liable for their Negligent Mistakes

Cars should function safely to protect their drivers and the other occupants of the car. When a critical feature of the car malfunctions, severe and often fatal accidents can occur. When a brake malfunction happens to a vehicle in motion, the brakes can either permanently lock and cause the vehicle to dramatically and abruptly stop, or they can fail all together and lose the ability to slow the momentum of the vehicle. When this happens, accidents are very common and the driver and passengers are often left with serious injuries. Brake Manufacturers should always ensure the safety of their products, and when they don’t, they should be held accountable. If you or a loved one is suffering from injuries that resulted from a brake malfunction, our team of experienced St. Louis car accident lawyers are prepared to fight on your behalf.

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Hire Experienced and Professional Attorneys to fight for your claim

Fighting a brake malfunction claim by yourself can be extremely difficult. The Brake Manufacturers and the Car Manufacturers will both have a team of lawyers on their side fighting to discredit your case and put the blame for the accident on you. Hiring an effective and aggressive St. Louis car accident lawyer to fight on your behalf can be the difference between your recovery and financial stability, and the complete loss of your claim. To speak with one of our Brake Malfunction Lawyers in St. Louis, call or contact the Dixon Injury Firm now.

How do Brake Malfunctions Happen?

Brake Malfunctions usually result from an error that can occur in the manufacturing of the brakes, the materials used to create the brakes, or the internal functions of the car that are required to be in a good working order for the brakes to work. A failure of any of these three can result in a brake malfunction that can lead to a catastrophic or even fatal accident.

Brake Malfunctions don’t only occur in cars, they can also occur in Tractor Trailers due to the incredible amount of weight that truck brakes have to deal with when slowing vehicles. Trucking companies have to ensure that the brakes on their vehicles are in a safe, working order and that their trucks are regularly checked and maintained. Here are several factors that can lead to a brake malfunction:

  • Overuse – When brake pads are overused, the wear down and become less reliable in stopping a moving vehicle. Vehicle brakes should always be in optimal condition to help with the control of the vehicle.
  • Over Oiled – When too much grease or oil collects on the brake pads, the brakes become ineffective because of a lack of traction, and thus a lack of stopping power.
  • Defects in The Product – If Manufacturers are negligent or careless in the creation of their product, then the brakes that they sell can be compromised before they are even fitted onto a vehicle.
  • Lack of Brake Fluid – Having too little brake fluid can compromise a vehicles ability to stop as the hydraulic system won’t be able to provide enough pressure to effectively activate the brakes.

When any of these conditions happen and the brakes on a vehicle are not working optimally, an accident can happen. If you or someone you care for was injured because of a brake malfunction and are now suffering because of the accident, speaking with a car accident lawyer in St. Louis who has experience fighting brake malfunction claims can be the difference between receive the care and compensation you need and having to fend for yourself during the claim.

We understand what St. Louis residents go through when they’ve been in an accident because we’ve been fighting for the rights and recoveries of St. Louis, Missouri, and Illinois residents for years. When you’ve been injured and need help you need someone who is willing to fight hard and aggressivly on your behalf. Our experienced Car Accident Lawyers in St. Louis will do just that. If you need more information about brake malfunction accidents, or more information in general about how we can help you, call (314) 208-2808 or CONTACT our Personal Injury Lawyers in St. Louis now.

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