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Parking lots are often crowded and congested and the rules that govern who has right of way when in a parking lot aren’t often clear. When an accident happens, who is to blame? Can the parking lot owner be sued because of unclear rules or markings in the parking lot? Can the other driver be held liable? What happens if your car was damaged by a shopping cart and the parking lot owner refuses to pay for the damages? What do you do in these confusing situations?

At The Dixon Injury Firm, our St. Louis parking lot accident attorneys have extensive experience in cases like these. When your vehicle has been damaged in a parking lot and the negligent parties are refusing to take responsibility, we can help. Our St. Louis auto accident lawyer can use our knowledge of Missouri and Illinois laws to ensure that your rights and recovery are protected.

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Who is Liable in a Parking Lot Accident?

Parking lots can be confusing. While there are clear lines directing traffic and where to park, drivers often fail to follow these lines, and even when they do, there is no guarantee that other drivers are going to adhere to the rules of the parking lot. A parked car is also not free from possible damage. Because of the reduced sight lines when reversing out of your parking spot, it can be easy to miss an oncoming car or correctly judge the distance between you and another vehicle.

Here are several points that can determine who is liable in a parking lot accident:

  • Thoroughfare: A car that is currently in the thoroughfare and is in motion has the right of way. If a vehicle entering the thoroughfare collides with the previous vehicle, then the entering car can be held fully liable for the damages.
  • Parked vehicle: When a car in motion strikes a parked vehicle, the car in motion is typically held liable. However, if the car is improperly parked then the situation becomes more complex. Negligence will determine who is most at fault in this case.
  • Shopping cart: Most parking lots have rules regarding the governance of shopping cart damages, but negligence can still play a role in these types of accidents. If a cart collector allows carts to get out of his control and collide with a vehicle, then the parking lot owner can be held liable. If carts are scattered around the parking lot and aren’t being collected and one hits your vehicle, then the parking lot owner can also be held liable.
  • Parking lanes: When two vehicles are in motion in a parking lane, typically the same rules that govern turning and right-of-way on any public road must also be followed in a parking lot. Weather conditions and the positions of the vehicles can complicate this matter.
  • Walkways: Pedestrians have the right of way in all walkways. A car entering a walkway must yield to a pedestrian in the walkway. A pedestrian that is struck by a car that doesn’t adhere to this law can sue the driver of the car for liability and damages.

Parking Lot Accident Claim Protection

Your parking lot accident deserves the attention of an aggressive and experienced lawyer who will fight on your behalf to ensure you get the full recovery that you deserve. Christopher R. Dixon and the other skilled STL injury accident lawyers at The Dixon Injury Firm have successfully fought and litigated parking lot accidents before and can ensure that your rights are protected throughout the entire case.

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