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As a person ages, their cognitive, visual, and physical senses and capabilities tend to decrease, and reflex abilities begin to decline. According to a study by the RAND Corporation, elderly drivers ages 65+ are 16% more likely than adults between the ages of 25-64 to cause a car accident.
If you have been injured in an accident involving an elderly driver in St. Louis, The Dixon Injury Firm understands how challenging it is to decide whether to pursue a claim against an older driver. But, with our St. Louis car accident attorneys on your side, you can rest assured knowing that our legal team is committed to recovering fair settlements with the utmost levels of professionalism and compassion.

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Common Types of Elderly Driver Accidents in St. Louis

As the human body ages, visual, physical, and cognitive functions decline, making it challenging for older drivers to pay attention to the road and other drivers. According to a study on elderly drivers and motor vehicle accidents, older drivers are more likely than any other age group of drivers to cause a car accident. In addition to this decrease in abilities, many older adults take medication that causes drowsiness, making it difficult to drive at night and on busy interstates.

The most common types of car accidents involving elderly drivers include:

  • Multi-vehicle crashes on busy roadways, such as intersections or highways
  • Intersection accidents caused by failure to yield and distracted driving – often, older drivers misjudge how far away other cars are or how fast another vehicle is traveling
  • Sideswipe accidents when merging or changing lanes
  • Failure to yield accidents when judging who has the right-of-way

If you suffered injuries because of an elderly driver, you could recover compensation by filing a lawsuit. Your claim should include evidence that displays that the driver caused the accident, is dangerous to other drivers, and unfit to drive.

Elderly Driver Lawsuits

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, there are more older drivers on the road than ever before. In the past ten years, the rate of elderly driver fatalities has risen significantly, with 18% of all traffic fatalities attributed to older driver accidents, an estimated 6,784 fatalities.

Elderly driver accidents are preventable, with the majority of crashes occurring at night, due to an inability to control the vehicle (caused by arthritis, weakened muscles, decreased flexibility), and improper driving technique. Some states have mandated that drivers 65+ must retake the drivers’ test to renew their license, restrictions on when specific drivers can drive, and insurance companies offer incentives for elderly drivers that enroll in driving classes designed for older adults. Yet, in 2016, there were approximately 7,400 older adults killed and more than 290,000 injured in car accidents.

If you suffered catastrophic injuries in a car accident involving an elderly driver, such as a head injury, concussion, or back pain, you could be entitled to compensation. Filing an elderly driver accident lawsuit requires evidence of the other driver’s carelessness, proof of your injuries, and representation from a lawyer. An experienced attorney has the resources needed to collect information about the elderly driver, such as their driving record and information about past accidents that they caused or contributed to, which is compelling evidence for a claim.

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