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Have you been in a fender bender accident? Contact The Dixon Injury Firm today for a case review and free consultation. We provide experienced legal counsel to clients throughout the Greater St. Louis area and Southern Illinois. Cars, trucks, bikes, and other vehicles may be involved in fender bender accidents. It’s important to reach out to a lawyer as soon as possible to increase your chances of winning a claim.

If you’re injured in a fender bender accident, one of your questions might be how much compensation you’ll be able to get. Typically, car accident claims are based on medical expenses, future rehabilitation, lost wages and loss of career advancement, repairs, and pain and suffering.

It’s our goal at The Dixon Injury Firm to help you and your family deal with complicated legal matters. If you’re injured in an accident, you might be unable to afford medical treatment and other financial obligations. With our St. Louis car accident lawyers, you get free legal representation and only pay based on contingency or, put another way, if you win the case we charge a small percentage. You don’t pay a dime if we lose.

To learn more, give our St. Louis fender bender accident lawyers a call at (314) 208-2808 or CONTACT us online to schedule a free initial consultation.

Do I Really Need a Lawyer for a Fender Bender?

According to Safe Drive Systems, nearly a third of all car accidents involve rear-end accidents or fender benders. While there are upwards of 1.8 million rear-end crashes (many of which are attributed to property damage) each year, fender benders are more than just an annoyance. You can suffer “invisible injuries” that may at first appear to be trivial but end up flaring up later on. You also need to consider shock, sprains, whiplash, and other injuries that may occur after a fender bender. You can also have injuries to your spine, a concussion if your head hits a hard object like the steering wheel, and neck injuries.

After an accident, it’s crucial to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Even if you don’t think you need it, a doctor’s or emergency room chart can help you with the claims process and in court. Next, you should contact an experienced fender bender accident lawyer near you. The Dixon Injury Firm has dealt with these kinds of cases before and would be happy to help you and your family seek reimbursements for slow-speed car accident and fender bender injuries.

We offer free case reviews, consultations, and top-notch legal representation. It’s our goal to provide you with no-hassle legal help. Let us know if you’ve been in a fender bender accident and we can walk you through the process.

Contact The Dixon Injury Firm today for more information by calling (314) 208-2808.

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