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While it’s certainly impressive that the automotive industry’s technology is improving more and more every day, this leaves a lot of legal concerns. When involved in an accident with a vehicle that is technically “driverless”, who is at fault for the accident? Autonomous cars function using complex algorithms that avoid collisions. The algorithms are based on a number of factors, such as how many people are in your car, where they are located in the car, and how many cars are located around your car during the accident. With so many factors, it could be easy for one of these to go awry and cause an accident.

In March of this year, a 49-year-old woman was killed in Arizona after being hit by a self-driving car. Autonomous cars are in a whole different league from conventional cars, so they are of serious concern because there is no way of knowing what type of damage these vehicles can do. If you or someone you love has been injured or has died from being involved in an accident with an autonomous car, you need an experienced St. Louis car accident lawyer to represent your case.

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How Often Do Self-Driving Car Accidents Happen?

Self-driving car accidents are a serious concern in St. Louis, MO. Self-driving test cars are involved in crashes at five times the rate of traditional cars. While the advancement in automotive technology is impressive, it is clear that it comes at a great cost. There is much that needs to be fixed in these self-driving cars, and the idea that these self-driving cars are much safer and less accident-prone than conventional cars is misleading.

Self-driving car accidents happen quickly, and the aftermath can leave those involved reeling.
Between dealing with the police, the other driver, and the insurance agents trying to get you or your loved one to make a statement, many things can go wrong that can affect the amount of compensation and recovery you can receive for your self-driving car accident claim. Christopher Dixon is a self-driving car accident trial attorney who has had real, incredible success protecting the rights and recovery of those affected by speeding accidents.

Steps to Follow After a Self-Driving Car Accident

Here are a few steps to follow after an autonomous vehicle accident:

Call the Police Immediately

It is important that the police document the self-driving car crash by creating a report of the incident. Failing to officially document the crash by filing an accident report will allow the responsible party’s insurance company to delay or deny your claim for reimbursement. A police report will provide a summary of the facts of the crash, who is at fault, insurance information for the parties, witnesses’ names and contact information, road conditions, citations issued, and other vital details. A police report provides vital information for a subsequent investigation by your accident lawyer.

Seek Medical Attention As Soon As Possible

Following an accident, victims are often frightened and confused. It is important that you seek emergency medical attention to ensure you receive proper treatment for your injuries. Overlooked injuries are responsible for a countless number of deaths each year. Your self-driving car accident injuries need to be documented immediately in order to receive the correct course of medical treatment.

Contact Our Car Accident Attorneys

Large insurance companies hire skilled investigators, so it is crucial that you contact someone who is looking out for your best interests immediately after the self-driving car accident. Following an auto collision, you should immediately retain a car accident lawyer to begin an investigation into your case. As time passes, evidence is lost. Only an immediate investigation will ensure all available evidence is documented and preserved.

Tell the Insurance Company to Wait

Insurance companies will begin to call you immediately after the self-driving car accident. They are calling to gather a recorded statement with facts from the accident, regardless of if you’re injured. A statement provided while you are under the influence of pain medication will later be used against you if you fail to mention any relevant detail. There is a time for speaking to insurance companies and it is certainly not immediately following your crash. It will not hurt your case to wait to make a statement, despite what the insurance company may tell you.

Do I Need an Autonomous Auto Accident Attorney?

If you are involved in an autonomous car accident, all other parties will be trying to place blame on you for the accident. Insurance companies will try to record an incriminating statement, or the other driver who is at fault will try to spin the situation to make it look like you are at fault. Christopher R. Dixon is on your side. Our self-driving car accident lawyers in St. Louis have a complete understanding of Missouri traffic laws and statutes. We are constantly keeping up-to-date on new additions, and can ensure you’re compensated for your lost time and injuries, plus ensure that your future financial and physical health are taken care of.

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