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Runaway Trailer Accident Claims in Missouri

The runaway trailer accident lawyers at The Dixon Injury Firm provide the greatest level of care and legal guidance for St. Louis and Missouri residents. When you or someone you love has been the victim of a runaway trailer accident you need a lawyer who will protect your interests. We can guide you through your runaway trailer accident claim and see to it that you and your family are provided for during this trying time.

When you or someone you love has been in a runaway trailer accident and needs a runaway trailer accident attorney, you need the best in the industry. Runaway trailer accidents are relatively rare, but they can be especially horrific. Victims can be caught in a nightmarish scenario where they are staring down a massive, out-of-control piece of metal knowing that there is no way it will stop on its own. Something like this would almost never happen unless someone was very careless along the way, and that careless person should be held liable for the damage they cause.

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Runaway Trailers Are Very Destructive

Just consider some of these stories that have been in the news. In California, a couple was walking down the street when a car drove by hauling a trailer. The car hit a “little curb” and the trailer detached, running into the couple. The man was knocked over with minor injuries while the woman was dragged under the bottom of the trailer until it smashed through the wall of a warehouse. She died at the scene.

In upstate New York, a trailer hauling crushed cars broke loose and smashed into a minivan, killing four young children and three adults. The minivan was hauling two young families and it was ripped apart by the runaway trailer, leaving the husband in one family as the sole survivor. The parents were friends in their 20s and the children were all just a few years old.

It can be even worse to hear the story from a survivor. In Arkansas, a woman and her boyfriend were driving along when a trailer headed the other way detached and headed straight towards her small Pontiac Vibe. She said she was told if she would have turned the trailer would have cut her in half. Instead, she just slammed the brakes and hit the trailer straight on. She said she could feel her knees breaking as the front of her car was smashed into her, and she was stuck in the car for an hour and a half afterward.

All Trailers Should be Secured with Multiple Layers of Safety

Semi-trailers are typically very well secured by professional drivers using a relatively failsafe “fifth wheel” system. These rarely come loose on the road. Instead, most runaway trailer accidents are caused by weekend warriors that fail to secure their boat or moving trailer properly.

It is relatively straightforward to secure a trailer to a truck’s ball hitch. There are two other places where things tend to go wrong, though. The first is the tow hitch is generally held in place with a simple pin, and that is not always secured properly. Second, many people forget the safety chains. These are a failsafe system, meaning they are a last line of defense that will keep the trailer and least somewhat attached to the truck if the hitch itself fails.

Let One of St. Louis’ Best Help You

Chris Dixon is a locally-raised lawyer that has the expertise and connections needed to collect evidence and build a case that will hold up against the best lawyers the large insurance companies can muster to cover for a runaway trailer accident. Insurance companies are hugely profitable, and their business model depends on rejecting claims in order to minimize their expenses. You need a lawyer with the experience and tenacity to fight back.

When you choose Christopher R. Dixon and The Dixon Injury Firm, you are choosing a runaway trailer accident law firm that cares about you and wants to ensure that you and your family are provided for during this trying time.

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